About Us

What is Bedwina?

Bedwina is a brand of toys, games, party favors, and more! We constantly research to see what other exciting product we can bring to add a new shine to your son's sports-themed birthday party or which new hat we should introduce for your daughter's Halloween costume! 

Who is Bedwina?

We are a small family business operating in a quiet town in Upstate New York since established in 2015.

Why Bedwina?

Fair question! Why should you choose to get your party supplies or stocking stuffers from us over the many other brands and companies? Well... here are a few reasons: 

  • QUALITY. Each product in our store has months of hard work, from ideas to finding the proper manufacturer, getting the packaging right, and presenting it to our valued customers' hands.
  • PRICES. Providing top-quality products to our customers go together with reasonable and competitive pricing, so you don't have to throw your child's dream party and have 2 kidneys...
  • SERVICE. Our relationship with our customers does not end after checkout. Should you have any concerns or issues with the quality or something else, just reach out. We will do everything we can to make things right and give you the best value for your money!